Monday, 2 May 2016

Penang Street Buffet: Crab Buffet 2016

It's a long weekend and I have been lazy on the blogging front. The day itself was productive. I caught the movie Captain America: Civil War and also had my first ever crab buffet. It's amusing how some parts of Singapore is so ulu that few have actually been there. Apparently Vain Pot thought Causeway Point was Jem... One north one west...

So it's the East vs West crab buffet feast we went over the Labour Day holiday. From the brochure you get the price and the menu. Another key attraction is that it's halal certified. 

Besides all the crabs in the menu, here are some of the other stuff available there. My personal take on this is that it's value for money. You get the cold seafood bar which is amply stocked but I didn't really dare to eat it at such a mass produced place because of all the bacteria news about raw fishes. I'm kiasi. There's crab bee hoon soup which tasted like the real thing and crab meat spaghetti, durian chendol dessert, crab meat soup, dessert bar, fruits, and even a Peking duck counter. On top of that, all the crabs stated in the menu. I'm not a crab person and after one round of trying, I washed my hands and didn't touch the crabs. Vain Pot kinda enjoyed herself so I guess the crabs met her expectations. 

I would say that Penang Street Buffet is really good for its value if you are really into crabs. The variety here is fantastic. On the other hand, most of the food tasted like a 3 star hotel buffet spread, not something I'll pay $64 per pax for. In short, I feel it presents good value if you are the sort who feast on crabs, otherwise the $64 is better spent at some of the other restaurants featured in my blog. 

Penang Street Buffet: Crab Buffet
Causeway Point #05-12, One Woodlands Square