Saturday, 14 May 2016

I Want My Noodle

This week is the first week I'm taking a break from my new job. Sounds like heartless employers huh? I am working by choice really haha... I chose to break because I got a shopping urge and Vain Pot is flying out to Aussie next week so better maximize our food outings while I can.

I have been craving to eat at I Want My Noodle for the past two weeks. In case you haven't figured out, I have a soft spot for instant noodles and anything that resembles it. Research seems to indicate that there's no msg added to the food at I Want My Noodles and prices are nett which is another plus point. The noodles apparently are made in-house along with some of the key ingredients I read. 

I picked My Aromatic Prawn Noodle ($14.50) largely because of my craving. The prawn mee at my neighbourhood market shifted, and I've been deprived of prawn mee since. My first impression when I was served was why prawn mee is accompanied by fries?! Turned out that it's prawn crackers, a very peculiar combination. Another disappointment I had was that the prawn shells were difficult to remove. In their menu photo, it showed the prawns cut in half. I felt a little cheated. The noodles and sauce presents an unique rendition of prawn mee which I felt didn't present much complains however I really found it difficult to appreciate the dish. It's just so different I neither can place a western or Asian feel to the bowl that I felt so lost eating. 

Vain Pot's My Lor Bak Noodle ($12.90) felt a lot more at home. The sauce that went with the noodles brought out a very localized Lor Bak Mee taste which made me wonder why Hawker centers rarely have this on their menu. The meat was tender and the ingredients were very generous. There's even a Japanese egg in the Lor Bak bowl richly endowed with giant mushrooms, giant wonton skin cracker and juicy Lor Bak. Yums! 

I was surprised that the winner of the night went to the side which we added just because I wanted to try more of their menu. The Meatball Soup ($6.50) is the real deal. The meatballs are made in house and the soup broth was pretty good. It's chewy, succulent and was an excellent add on to our meal. I'm so pleased it's Vain Pot's turn to diet because I got to eat more meatballs! 

To sum it up, I'll say that I Want My Noodle has its hits and misses. I took issue that the owner looked a tad too unfriendly when he was serving in the stall. If you lack passion for your own restaurant how do you expect guests to feel welcome? I'm not quite sure if I'll specially hop by Shaw Centre to eat atas hawker food with a twist anytime soon. While I'm really tempted to try their other noodle bowls, the ones I've tried just isn't enough to convince me to visit soon when there's a bunch of places in Singapore I'm still dying to try. Go only if you are on a budget and you want a sit down place with waiters in town to catch up with your friend. 

I Want My Noodle
#03-14/15, 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre