Saturday, 21 May 2016

A weekday food adventure...

I didn't even realize it's public holiday till someone asked if I was working today. Incidentally I am. In any case, all work and no play makes life really dull and it's not what I envision my life to be. Given that Vain Pot was on leave yesterday because she's flying off to Aussie, I took the opportunity to squeeze in another food exploration. Contrary to what some of my friends think, I need to work for a living even if my hours are flexible.

Vain Pot had errands to run prior to meeting me so we kinda had to settle for a quick lunch at Raffles Place. I've been wanting to try &Sons since I started a research on affordable places to lunch in the CBD area. The lunch menu is really value for money and worth every dollar paid in my opinion. 

The lunch was so rushed we didn't have the opportunity to order much. Besides, Vain Pot surprised me with dessert ... By now most regular readers know my love for spaghetti and I particularly like Aglio olio. My choice of Spaghettini with Fresh Prawns ($11.90) was really value for money. Just look at the generous serving of fresh prawns and you get the picture. The pasta was cooked till al dente and the olive oil that it's tossed with was just right. I like it that its not oily and the garlic taste was strong enough to give me satisfaction while I eat but yet not overwhelming. 

Vain Pot's choice of Linguine with Seafood Marinara ($11.90) was another dish which presents excellent value. The seafood was extremely generous and the pasta was al dente. I also like it that the tomato sauce carried with it some seaside freshness yet not overly sour unlike some restaurants who use ready made sauce. The only minor complain was that the dish would be perfect if it was slightly hotter. Within an air-conditioned compound, a lukewarm dish turns cold doubly fast. 

Would I come back again? It's a resounding yes! I can't wait to try more of their lunch menu, in fact I would and would edit this entry as I tackle the menu whenever I have the luxury of being in Raffles Place for lunch. There's a number of worthwhile places to lunch at in the CBD area but I felt &Sons tops the list in terms of the value and quality presented. 

#01-19, China Square Central, 20 Cross Street

Another thing I thought I'd feature is the baked cheese tarts hailing from Hokkaido. Anybody who loves food probably knows of the insanely long queues at the open space at B4 of Orchard Ion. Vain Pot was nice enough to gift me a box. Freshly baked, it tastes heavenly because the crust is buttery and crispy with melted cheese that melts in your mouth. Each queuing person is only limited to two boxes and the box can last up to 4 days if you put it in the fridge. But eat it while it's fresh and piping hot and you'll realize it is worth the 1-2nour wait. 

BAKE Cheese Tarts
Orchard Ion, #B4-33