Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Dark Gallery

I'm growing sideways. Been meeting up with too many people, I seriously need to cut back on my eating. This week, I celebrated Saturyay by dining at Koh Bar & Grill, followed by some retail therapy. Earlier this week, I just adopted two very adorable soft toy penguins from Mini Sou, called Fatty and Chubby. They have brought me lots of joy since!

I love all things chocolate except chocolate itself. Hence the visit to The Dark Gallery. It's a really small cafe located at the center of level 1 in Millenia Walk. The design gave an impression of class so be prepared for heftier prices. The interior is really small thus locating seats is a challenge. If you have flexible hours, perhaps it'll be better to experience the food on weekday afternoons where office executives are all working their asses off. The Dark Gallery is known for their dark chocolate desserts. It comes in all forms from smores to beverages to ice cream. Probably the perfect dessert shop for bitter chocolate lovers.

Greedy me wanted to try everything. So I kinda forced Fat Fat to order a buffet spread and this was right after dinner. Whoops. The frozen smores ($7.50) you see in the photo was kinda our appetizer. It's basically toasted marshmallows with dark chocolate. Both fat fat and I didn't really enjoy the dessert. We felt that the marshmallows didn't blend well with the dark chocolate and both are separate desserts put together to you know mark up the price. There's also not much blend of sweetness from the melted marshmallows to counter the bitterness of the chocolate. Not something I'll order again. I'll give it an A for instagram-worthiness.

Another dessert we decided to incur calories on is the Chocolate Rhapsody ($18). It's sinful, rich in calories but you won't feel a pang of guilt eating. It's worth it. The Chocolate Rhapsody is a combination of 3 chocolate ice creams, dark, milk and white chocolate, decorated with chocolate crumbs, meringue and shards of cacao tulle. The chocolate ice creams stand out in their individual flavour and goes perfectly with the chocolate crumbs and crunchy meringue. The sweetness isn't excessive, in fact, the balance doesn't make your taste buds frown upon any jarring flavours. I also enjoyed the shards of cacao tulle which I can happily eat without the ice cream. Wonderful dessert!

For beverages, we ordered the Signature Chocolate ($7) and the Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte ($9). Fat Fat didn't like her signature chocolate as she felt 'jelat' drinking the thick chocolate drink after consuming all the other desserts. I need to disclaim she isn't a chocolate person so that might explain it. To be fair, the signature hot chocolate was very 'gao' (thick). It'll probably be more enjoyable for chocolate lovers.

My Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte admittedly is ordered to cater to my camera more than my tummy. I found the beverage a little on the bitter side. Perhaps they should add some sugar syrup on the side. It is a good hazelnut latte if you prefer your coffee with a tinge of bitterness. I might actually order it again. It did give me my caffeine satisfaction even though it's late at night.

There're hit and misses at The Dark Gallery. Those stuff that were hits, I love them to bits and would definitely return to indulge again. The biggest drawback is the seating space because such cafes are no good if you sit, eat and leave. I'll probably like it a lot more if I can bring someone here to chill, enjoy some good desserts, nice conversation and have some enjoyable beverages without the stress of everyone else who wants your seat giving you death stares. I'll highly recommend this place for a relaxing dessert and coffee on your off day, definitely not weekends to enjoy a good break while the rest of the world is preoccupied meeting deadlines.

The Dark Gallery
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-K5 Millenia Walk, S039596