Monday, 14 August 2017


This is a throwback post as I was hard at work this weekend. Too many exciting projects on-going and I've a birthday celebration to prepare for next week. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for a restful weekend and had some fun supporting Manchester United in their opening game thrashing West Ham (hope there are no West Ham fans reading!).

redpan is a fusion restaurant. Lately, such cuisines seem to be on the rise but I set my sights on redpan since last year. The overwhelming number of restaurants to try in Singapore had them drop down the pecking order thus only having it now. redpan serves Singaporean-Western fusion cuisines. Personally, I'm not much of a fan of fusion food but I try it every now and then.

Whenever I eat with Fat Fat, I tend to over-order. Actually, I think she's the culprit. We kick started our meal with Char Siew Chilli Fries ($8). It is prepared with house-made char siew ragout, sour cream and jelapeno salsa. The char siew ragout is very tasty and goes really well with the fries providing the right balance. I found that the chilli in the dish to be very tame and mild which might not be pleasing to spicy food lovers but it's never the less a good opening dish!

As we were heading for desserts elsewhere, we simply settled for mains and nothing else. My choice of main was the Prawn & Hae Bi Hiam Pasta ($19) while Fat Fat picked the 'Bak Chor' Foie Gras Pasta ($19). I was telling her, must pick food with stars on the menu since it's our first time there. Not sure if this method makes the selection safer or just a trick by restaurants to get people to pick the pricier dishes. HAHA! In any case, I enjoyed my Prawn & Hae Bi Hiam Pasta which was very very rich in Hae Bi Hiam taste. The tagliatelle soaked up the sauce very well making it extremely flavourful. Pretty much expensive prawn mee pok.

The 'Bak Chor' Foie Gras Pasta however didn't seem to agree with us. The sauce tasted weird although the meat was tender and flavourful. We felt that the choice of tagliatelle didn't go too well with this one and a thinner choice of pasta like linguine or angel-hair might have been more appropriate. It's definitely an interesting dish but with room for improvement.

I actually might come back again to try the other fusion dishes. For instance, I was quite drawn to the Banana Donuts Milo Dinosaur which I didn't try this time round. The ability of the chef for successfully incorporating our local flavours into traditional western cuisines also left me impressed. On most occasions, my experience with fusion food isn't very good but this one left a pretty good impression. If you want somewhere near the train station, with shopping and movie ammenities, with decent food without breaking the bank, come here!

6, Raffles Boulevard, #02-03/04 Marina Square, 039594