Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Le Sucre Du Patisserie

So last week was Vain Pot's birthday and we had a mini celebratory dinner. It's probably the only bright spot for the both of us with insanely packed schedules. Don't even have time to meet up and hunt for food! Hopefully, the coming weeks are better... In any case, we tried Beauty in the Pot, my first time and technically her second (she was ill the first time so didn't enjoy the food). This year, I was lucky enough to try both Hai Di Lao and Beauty in the Pot for the first times and interestingly both on our birthdays! I declare Beauty in the Pot the winner in every aspect besides their booking system which is really hard to get through. You can see the bolded words...  no exaggeration, what's so nice about Hai Di Lao besides the price?

For most years, the cake was the least emphasized part of Vain Pot's celebration. I mean, it's just for blowing of the candle, making a wish, sing song and then we don't even bother finishing the cake... so why bother with such a nice cake right? But me being me, I grew bored of ordinary cakes and last year was the beginning of making the birthday cake a bigger deal. I baked my first ever cake the previous year and I'm proud to say, Vain Pot asked me where I bought it from! This year, I wonder why she didn't ask. Heh!

I ordered this customized cake from Le Sucre Du Patisserie ($145) for 5 inch cake. It's an online shop and their main business lies in macarons. So the story goes that initially I asked them for a quotation for a cake with 2 pusheen cats, 1 lapras and 1 bulbasaur. I was told cannot because minimum order for the pusheens which they didn't have was 12 pusheens. I had to salvage their business for them by suggesting giving me my cake as per my order based on the price of 12 pusheens and have the 10 pusheens packed separately.

See my 10 pusheens?

The cost breakdown of a customized order like the one I made is as follows:

5" Cake Base
$65 Rainbow frost
Macaron $5 per piece

I think the wordings might have cost some money but I didn't bother to ask.

Given that this is my first time ordering a customized cake, I had a number of apprehensions. What if they failed to deliver on time? What if the cake taste horrible? What if the design doesn't look as nice as what I see online? What if they don't deliver at all?

I'm glad that most of my fears are unfounded with Le Sucre Du Patisserie. A few things that deserves praise. Prior to ordering from them, I tried a few other online bakeries and to be honest, I really really wanted to go with a friend's sister's shop but she didn't seem excited to take my business and took hours to get back to me (weirdly at the point, when I was ready to place the order). Le Sucre Du Patisserie was prompt in responsiveness, something which I valued as a paying customer. I also got the date mixed up as I ordered the cake to be ready on Vain Pot's actual birthday but I forgot I was celebrating a day earlier. I'm glad they were accommodating and managed to give me my cake a day earlier. I also appreciated the fact that the whiskers of my pusheen cats are twisted because the cats in my carriage have twisted whiskers thanks to soft toy abuser, Vain Pot. Finally, I'm happy that the cake turned out nicer than I expected and Vain Pot had a happy birthday. I'd recommend ordering from them if you want a cake which is presentable and every bit easier to eat. Most cakes are made of fondants which looks good but basically you are eating sugar. Macarons characters are definitely a healthier choice to fondant cakes. Having said that, even for Le Sucre, make a request to have the cake less sweet because the sugar seems a little too much.

Le Sucre Du Patisserie