Monday, 31 July 2017

Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat

This weekend has been crazily packed with work. Imagine running at least 5 appointments from 10am-8pm around the East of Singapore the entire Saturday. Even had to sacrifice going for the ICC match between Chelsea FC and Inter Milan. I'm a little thankful Sunday gave me some breathing space and I managed to finally buy the Castella Cakes at Antoinette to try! For photos of the cakes visit my instagram under the handle of @bluntandfussyeater. Did you know that if you ate chocolate cake or sweet stuff for breakfast, you will be more likely to lose weight? No kidding, google it!

I brought my family to Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat for dinner. It's meant to celebrate a fantastic quarter at work. I've been wanting to try the fishboat ever since my ex colleagues introduced them to me about 1 and a half years ago. Alright, craving not strong enough, that's why took so long to come! Haha! Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat has a long history dating back to 1972. They are known for their flavour-rich fishboat broth.

I picked the medium size Pomfret Steamboat ($45) which consist of a very generous serving of the pomfret. I felt really full after the meal. The fish soup was rich in flavour but it's nothing out of this world. They added some yam into the soup to give it more flavour. The pomfret had lots of meat but also lots of bones. Definitely not suitable for kids consumption.

For side dishes, we settled for salted egg pork rib ($12), sambal sotong ($12) and fried beancurd ($8). I would say that all these zi char dishes are just average. I've even tasted some better ones elsewhere. I did enjoy the sambal sotong because it's one of the more tender sotongs I've eaten and the sambal makes it really addictive.

Would I return? Maybe. I did enjoy the feeling of having fish steamboat and zi char which I rarely have because I usually meet people one on one. The fish boat was decent and the price didn't feel too expensive. However, the service was rather uncoordinated and the sides came long before the fishboat. It's not a bad place for a family dinner. On a side note, I discovered there's an air-conditioned section in the eating house. I wonder if we need to pay more to dine there...

Nan Hwa Fish Head Steamboat
814 North Bridge Road S198780
(It might be an added perk that the HDB parking nearby is free on a Sunday)