Sunday, 16 July 2017

Springleaf Prata Place

I'm savouring the last few hours of the weekend as I type this post. This weekend has been productive. I pretty much went shopping and educated myself with some online courses when my work decided to give me some unexpected time off.

I was first introduced to Springleaf Prata Place at its Upper Thomson outlet by a colleague of mine. He was pretty much telling me about some awesome prata I've got to try and I must say, I totally wasn't missold. This is indeed the real deal if you want some nice prata. Today, my mood wasn't exactly the best, and I decided to make myself happier and treated myself to another round of prata at their siglap branch.

So for starters, I'd like to introduce the prata that's been always on my mind ever since I ate there. Egg Prata! I can't remember the prices because I accidentally threw away the receipt and sort of ordered without looking at the price. The egg prata is really one of the best versions of prata I've tried in recent years. For a start, the prata being served in rectangle form is much bigger than the usual round or square ones at most prata shops or coffeeshops. I also liked it that the prata was really crispy but yet not oily. I felt that they toweled dry the oil before serving to customers so even the plate didn't have much residue oil. I found that the egg was well evenly spread and all in all, one of the more memorable, if not the most memorable prata I've tried.

I tried the Mee Goreng on my second visit. It is a far cry from the prata, please just stick to pratas when you do visit. The noodles was oily and sticky. The yellow noodles were fried till mushy. I felt that I was really putting oil into my mouth. Regretted my order :(

The Plaster Blaster which was introduced to me by my friend is really a very interesting dish. I'd like to call it Prata Benedict. The base is made of small kosong prata, topped with ham and poached egg and drizzled with a generous amount of hollandaise sauce. When you cut it apart, the poached egg flowed so perfectly that it really put some cafes to shame. It's a very indulgent dish but it tastes pretty good!

Of course, please remember to order yourself a hot Teh Chino. It's my favourite hot beverage and you can hardly find it anywhere else besides prata shops, so don't give it a miss!

Given that I've already been back a second time, I'm pretty sure there will be a third visit as well. This is really rare because I usually have so many food places to go, I don't make second visits. After eating the egg prata here, I kinda can't bring myself to waste calories on the coffeeshop prata near my house where I usually eat. Whoops!

Springleaf Prata Place
57B Jalan Tua Kong S457253
(You can visit the Upper Thomson branch or the Rail Mall branch too, address on their website)