Sunday, 23 July 2017

Boufe Boutique Cafe

Pretty happy I managed to enjoy Saturyay! yesterday. Lately my weekends are pretty much packed with activities. Been very occupied working, pursuing other hobbies and trying to spend time with friends. In fact, this week I met the most number of people for food. I'm also pleased to share that unlike most other weeks where I indulge heavily in cafe and restaurants, I spent my week enjoying simple hawker and fast food. I foresee myself travelling a lot next year, so better cut down on the expenses.

This week I made my third visit to Boufe Boutique Cafe in 2 years. Very often, even if the cafe is tip top I rarely have the opportunity to return because of the wide variety of food available in Singapore. Boufe is one of the most consistent cafes I've tried and I'm pleased to vouch that over 2 years, the quality of food remains. In fact, they even introduced some instagram worthy desserts to their menu. Perfect for the 'camera first' client like me. 

Brunch food is a must at brunch cafes and the Triple B ($20) and Eggs Benedict ($16) were both winners in their own right. To be honest, nowadays I don't order big breakfast meals because I find it too ordinary and plain. I give the Triple B due credit for their creamy scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and richly flavoured sausages and bacon. The choice of croissant to go with the dish is also a smart choice because their sourdough bread seems a tad hard. 

The Eggs Benedict is another awesome brunch dish done excellently. The eggs were fat and runny, meeting the requirements for a good poach egg. I liked it that the hollandaise sauce was generous and their bread choice was brioche. Brioche bread when properly toasted is very fluffy, a joy to eat!

For lunch mains, we tried Truffle House Breakfast ($16) and Tomato Crab Pasta ($19). The truffle house breakfast is a combination of truffle mushroom ragout on top of homemade sourdough. There's a corn on the side with butter and salt. The truffle mushroom ragout is very well cooked but I found the sourdough to be on the tougher side. The corn cob which is a gigantic corn can make it more difficult to eat with utensils. 

I enjoyed the tomato crab pasta. At the point of ordering, I was quite hesitant because I feel pastas are such boring choices. Still, I ordered and don't mind the bland appearance, they ran out of rocket leaves. The pasta was GOOD! I enjoyed the generous chunks of crab meat well mixed with tomato and chunks of chilli padi that made the dish aromatic, spicy and flavourful. No buyer remorse! It definitely ranks amongst the al dente, delicious pastas found in cafes. Not many cafe pastas make the grade. 

I had to try their new dessert menu and we settled for the Milky Way ($8.50) and The Rock ($8). Be warned, both desserts are very tiny and meant for a single stomach. The Milky Way is Boufe's version of a galaxy cake. It is made of white chocolate, yogurt mousse, honey genoise, chocolate sable and calamansi jelly. It's a good blend of chocolate with soft yogurt and a tinge of sour from the jelly. I enjoyed it. 

The Rock is made of 64% chocolate mousse, rum syrup, chocolate genoise, salted caramel, chocolate feullitine and grey milk glaze. I liked it more than the galaxy cake because I got a soft spot for all things chocolate that isn't chocolate itself. The Rock is an excellent choice for chocolate lovers especially if you like the mix of chocolate with a sweet biscuit base like how I like my cakes. 

Boufe is still my all time favourite brunch cafe. For its ambiance, the food quality and the free parking, I can't imagine another brunch place that ranks above it. If you love brunch food like me, you should at least try it once! Maybe you might become a regular...

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road, #01-01, S247974