Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sichuan Kungfu Fish - Newly opened Sichuan Restaurant in Suntec City

Sichuan Kungfu Fish opened late last year in Suntec City and is known for their spicy Sichuan base featuring a selection of fishes. It's a straight forward concept where visitors pick their choice of fish with whichever sides to go along and the base to go with it.

As this was supposed to be a birthday celebration meal for my friend, I decided to go for the more popular (but pricer) Special Cod by Our Principal ($66.90). For the base, we went with the Spicy Hotpot with level 1 spiciness. I don't have the guts to go all in on the spiciness. For the sides, my friend added the lotus root ($2.90) and quail egg ($4.90).

I enjoyed the meal especially the cod because I like soft tender fish meat. The flavour will seep through the ingredients overtime  so it's probably not a place you want to have a fast meal at. This is perfect for long chats while you slowly clean off the pot. I found the mild spicy level to be manageable, in fact, I'd be willing to try level 2 next time. For spicy lovers, you should pick the spicier levels as my friend found level 1 to be no kick!

We added some Kungfu Noodles ($0.90) into the broth as my friend didn't order rice. I really enjoyed the noodles and probably will order multiple servings next time I come. Dipping it into the spicy broth, you get tasty flavourful noodles.

I got to credit the staff who took our order. She successfully upsold us some tasteless Kungfu Milk Tea ($7.90) saying that it's a new invention not put on the menu yet. I hope they never put this on the menu, it's like drinking expensive coloured water.

The Special Chocolate Ice Smoothie ($9.90) she recommended had a little more hope. It tasted like how chocolate smoothie should however I found it weird to drink chocolate smoothie with spicy fish.

As a whole, I'm still pretty attracted to this place. The wide variety of fishes caters to all pockets and the flavour of the broth definitely hit the right notes as long as you get the spicy level right. This is an ideal place for small group gatherings where everyone shares a good joke over a pipping hot pot.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish 
Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, B1-132/171, S038983