Sunday, 8 April 2018

7th Heaven KTV and Cafe - Cafehopping with Karaoke Facilities

I went to 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe in support of my friend who just returned from overseas to helm the running of the business. 

7th Heaven KTV and Cafe is a hidden gem located at Tampines Safra. It is probably my first, if not only encounter with a KTV that offers instagrammable blog-worthy food. Currently, the owner's daughter, Shermain (who is my friend), is running the show. Visitors of this cafe can both sing in the main hall or private rooms and also enjoy hipster food at the cafe. 

As I was there with a couple of friends, we picked a few signature dishes to share. The Lychee Smoked Duck Pizza ($21.90) is really one of a kind. The thin crusted pizza went really well with the cheesy combination of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan richly decorated with duck slices. The chunky lychees inside the pizza gave a fruity twist to the savoury dish that gave the strongly flavoured pizza added sweetness.

As a Pasta lover, I judge pastas with an extremely fussy yardstick. Most pastas in coffee joints and cafes while camera friendly doesn't leave my taste buds sated. Imagine my surprise that this Laksa Pasta ($17.90) at a KTV Cafe can leave me craving for the entire dish after taking a bite. The Laksa Pasta is made of linguine with mussels, prawns and squid cooked with homemade laksa sauce. My favourite yardstick to judge awesome pastas is whether they leave a lingering after taste hours after you finish your meal. This one does and I foresee myself going back for a second plate (without having to share) pretty soon.

We also tried the Pulled Pork Burger ($17.90) which was prepared well and stood out for its zesty sourish sauce. Having said that, I found that the paprika fries stole the limelight from this dish and I couldn't stop eating. They should sell these addictive paprika fries as a standalone small bite.

It's my first time ordering Banana Smoothie ($7.50) in a cafe. This smoothie is part of the enhanced menu introduced by Shermain. The flavour is very rich and it'll be perfect if it's slightly colder. One key highlight of the drinks here are the bamboo straws which are reusable. Shermain is highly passionate about sustainable living and this is one of her little efforts to stay true to her beliefs.

The apple tarte ($5.90) is also part of Shermain's invention. I really liked the French Vanilla ice-cream that comes with it. It is robust in flavour and milkiness. While I find the caramelized apple hitting the right level of sweetness, I like my ideal apple tart to have a more crumbly texture.

As of now 7th Heaven KTV and Cafe is running a series of promos some of which I find attractive like the $15 Set Lunch with an hour free karaoke session. I'm not much of a singing person and honestly, it is the food that appeals to me. The food here is really awesome and it's a pity that the cafe is left largely undiscovered. I'm very impressed that a KTV kitchen can produce food of such quality. You got to try it to know I'm not exaggerating.

7th Heaven KTV and Cafe
1/A Tampines Street 92, Safra Tampines, #03-02, S528882

*this is not a sponsored article. I paid for my food.