Sunday, 15 April 2018

Kam's Roast - Singapore's outlet of HK's 1 Star Michelin Restaurant

Kam's Roast is the overseas outpost of Hong Kong's 1 star Michelin Kam's Roast Goose. The catch here is there's only duck in Singapore, no goose. This is because the supplier to their Hong Kong outlet doesn't meet the regulations to import their goose here. Located at Pacific Plaza, Kam's Roast is part of an increasing chain of Hong Kong and Michelin starred establishments opening along Scotts Road. Some of the other prominent restaurants include Tim Ho Wan, Tsuta and Mui Kee across the road.

After queuing an hour for Mui Kee two weeks ago, I was a bracing myself for another queuing challenge this time. Thankfully there's no queue when I visited the outlet at 6.30pm.

Given that we couldn't try their signature Roast Goose due to AVA restrictions, we settled for the next closest item which is Roast Duck ($19.80, for 1/4 lower body). I specially requested for the bones to be removed and they were very obliging. Eating this roast duck reminds me of my very first visit to Hong Kong's Kam's Roast Goose. I recalled that experience was so positively good that I specially made a second trip back to eat it again before I left. (I have never visited the same restaurant twice on a single holiday trip, before this) The roast duck had very tender meat. The sweetness of the gravy was very distinct and it really made the dish stand out. Judging from the taste, the quality control is not lost despite this being an overseas outlet, which happens very often with many other overseas establishments I've tried.

I really love pork and I would feel the meal isn't complete without pork. We ordered the mix pork combination of Toro Char Siew with Crispy Pork ($27.80). Once again, the meat was extremely tender and a joy to eat. I can finish the entire plate myself (if I wasn't trying to control my diet). I enjoyed the honey coated sweetness that goes really well with the toro char siew. The toro char siew is prepared using a secret recipe of the Kam family. The roast crispy pork is another winner with the right balance of fats and tender meat. The crackling pork skin provides the added oomph and texture that goes well with the meat.

As the friend I brought along for the meal hasn't been overseas before, I'm really glad both dishes gave an accurate representation of the Michelin Starred restaurant in Hong Kong. Would I come back for a second visit? It's a rousing yes. I already foresee bringing my family here for dinner one night. This experience has made me a loyal fan of Kam's Roast. I highly doubt I'll bother to visit other roast meat or duck establishments should I have a craving. Must reserve the calories for the best. I highly recommend Kam's Roast if you have craving for roast meat or duck!

Kam's Roast
Pacific Plaza, 9 Scott's Road #01-04/05/06/07, S228210