Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sumo Big Prawn

This is a throwback post because I've been overwhelmed with commitments this week, never go out and play. If there's any new food I tried, I ate a lot of the less commonly ordered food at Ding Tai Fung and also found delicious Taiwan Railway Bento at Jurong Point.

I went to Sumo Big Prawn sometime in February but never got round to sharing it here. I did share it on my instagram (sobriquet07) though. My brother has been pestering me to try it and deep down I was kinda reluctant because this is probably the most expensive hawker centre prawn noodles I've ever eaten! Anyway, I caved in to his persistent asking so all the way to Ang Mo Kio we went to try it.

When we arrived, it's not hard to locate the place. The queue was the first clue that there are a lot of other Singaporeans who don't mind paying for expensive prawn mee. Lobster prawn noodles there cost $24.80, $24 bucks in a hawker centre (the without air-con kind) for ONE bowl of noodles?! Thankfully, the queue despite the length moves really quickly. Waiting time is about 10-15mins. Not too bad. Whew!

I ordered the Sumo Prawn Noodles ($8) for both of us. In a way, they made it value for money. The ingredients were very generous. I recalled wondering if I'll ever finish eating the clams. One of the standout of this prawn noodles is the broth. It has no external preservatives and the tastiness of the soup is purely brought out by simmering loads of prawn shells in the soup for long hours. Yummy!

I felt very full after the meal. I didn't feel like I wasted 8 bucks. In fact, I'm tempted to eat there again! It's definitely a different way to indulge in good food. Considering the cost I'd shell out when I hang out at cafes, $8-$24 bucks isn't that expensive for really really satisfying hawker food. Try it!

Sumo Big Prawn
Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4