Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bucktile St Cafe

I spent this week journeying to the West literally! Going for a work activity later today at Big Box and was there to try Lab Made, a nitrogen ice cream originating from Hong Kong on a weekday too! I must say that there are more and more interesting food establishments springing up in the West and it's quite refreshing on the occasional visit.

I picked Bucktile St Cafe to visit this weekend because I like the idea of 'eating the Monday blues away'. Located deep inside a landed estate, Bucktile St Cafe is one of those cafes in Singapore you would describe as very ulu. The main highlight of the cafe is their instagrammable blue food that ranges from Blue Cheese Burger, Blue Velvet Cake and their Waffles with Ice cream with Blueberry Syrup.

We kicked off our meal by sharing the Morrisa Blue Cheese Burger ($15.90) which is basically a tandoori chicken burger with slices of yellow cheese topped with blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese sauce is said to have some blue cheese taste albeit a milder version. The meal is accompanied by mini hashbrowns. I found the burger to be really addictive. Taking a bite into the burger, it tasted flavourful, especially liked the good mix of spices on the tandoori burger and the slightly sweet cheesy taste that gave the burger its added oomph. Because I'm trying to lose weight, I agreed to share my burger with Vain Pot but the next time, I'll have the whole burger to myself. The mini hashbrowns on the side tasted really good too. It's fried till crispy and marinated with some spices which agrees with my palette. I almost wanted to order a plate of hashbrowns to eat separately.

After mains, we shared a slice of Blue Velvet Cake ($6). The cake was expected soft and fluffy but a little to the sweet side. I'm someone with a very sweet tooth so I enjoyed the cake. Vain Pot was a little less enthusiastic about the sweetness but she complimented the cake for its light texture.

We didn't order the blue waffles this time round because we forgot to bring our DBS card and we didn't want to pay for something we could have gotten for free otherwise. It should be noted that if you spend $30 on a DBS card, you will be given the waffles for free. I would like to gripe a little about the service. I felt the staff lacked initiative considering the cafe's low traffic. They work with very little enthusiasm, a very different feeling from many other cafes I've been to. We had to help ourselves to the seats and menu even though we had to walk past all of them to enter the cafe. I found the entire experience very queer particularly when they watch in absolute muted fashion when we walked in. I've seen other blog entries related to service experience here and perhaps this explains why the cafe was almost empty when we arrived.

I'll probably come back once more to try the waffles and have the blue cheese chicken tandoori all to myself. I also enjoy the fact that the carpark is near empty on a weekend and that the cafe isn't very crowded.

Bucktile St Cafe
104 Faber Drive
(Parking is free here)