Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dallas Restaurant and Bar

This post is slightly delayed because I ate it today on my Birthday. I've a soft spot for meat and I've been craving for baby back ribs. It's birthday week and basically I spent my weekends having a staycation at Quincy Hotel. I must say that the service has been awesome and it's just a little away from Orchard road but definitely within walking distance. The ambiance, coffee machines, and breakfast were all fantastic and I'd like to stay there again.

As the story goes, I had a craving for baby back ribs so I googled "Best Baby Back Ribs in Singapore 2016". A couple of places turned up like Morgansfield and in the end I settled for Dallas Restaurant and Bar because it didn't felt as tedious to drive there. Yes, got own transport but still lazy. Honestly, I'm very excited to dine there because ALL the blogger reviews have been nothing short of awesome.

I had brunch at Refuel Cafe for lunch and had a bad stomach thereafter. So was a little more careful for dinner. Vain Pot and I settled for the Meat Platter ($70 for 2) which consist of braised pork ribs, ribeye, lamb cutlets and rotisserie chicken and sides. It's really fantastic and we both agreed this is totally worth even dollar we spent. It comes with 3 sauces, mushroom, black pepper and mint.

The Pork Ribs totally didn't disappoint which meat that falls off the ribs easily. The meat was cooked till tender and well seasoned. I have a soft spot for ribs and I basically cleared them all. Whoops! The Rotisserie Chicken is another winner dish with very tender meat and goes exceedingly well with both the black pepper and mushroom sauce. Again I polished off most of it.

I found the Lamb Cutlets to be on the tougher side. But I kinda appreciated the chewiness of it and the fact that its flavour comes out of every bite. Vain Pot seems to appreciate them better than me but she did mention she felt the Ribs were ordinary.

I don't take beef so I didn't try the Ribeye. Vain pot who polished them off found they met her expectations and were tender and tasty. The beef apparently was the one which made her felt the platter was money well spent (her treat so whatever she says goes).

I'll definitely be back again because I am totally a meat lover and this platter sure gave my tummy a memorable birthday celebration in its own right. I must add that the dining ambiance is fantastic and is perfect for special occasions. Valentines Day is coming and from their website I noticed a V Day menu. Do check it out!

Dallas Restaurant and Bar
Suntec City Sky Garden
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-302/303