Sunday, 19 August 2018

Spagtacular - Newly Opened Fusion Pasta in Clark Quay

I visited Spagtacular with a bunch of friends at the invitation of a friend who just opened his pasta cafe.

Spagtacular takes the spot of the now defunct Babao Desserts. They carry a edgy concept with interesting graffiti wall designs and other artworks as part of their decor.

As of now, Spagtacular is in a soft launch and I give credit to their gradual improvements. I've actually dropped by unannounced during their pre-soft launch and the food back then left me hungry and unsatisfied.

You can imagine how impressed I was with their version 2 dishes on my second visit. Talking to the founders, you will learn that the team is figuring out their way as they run the business. What's note-worthy is how open they are to feedback and the food quality really improved tremendously.

Their full menu isn't out, this visit, the light bites we managed to try were the Mini Har Cheong Gai ($10) and Truffle Fries ($10). Personally, I feel there's very little wrong a competent cafe can go with light bites. The ones at Spagtacular definitely were acceptable. If anything, I hope the final menu has a wider selection.

Spagtacular carries classics like the Traditional Carbonara ($10) and Classic Bolognese ($13). Both were adequately flavoured if you mix well before dining. The pastas were cooked till al dente and taste favours those who like their food very heavy and robust in flavour. It worked very well for me.

Here's a glimpse of some of the menu you would be potentially selecting:

Chilli Crab ($15)

Their chilli crab is really suitable for people who loves their chilli fiery spicy. Among my experience having chilli crab pasta, this is one packs a lot more fire than the usual sweet spicy chilli crab sauce most cafe leans towards. Another thumbs up I noted was the generous portion and ingredients which is considered a big steal at their price point.

Classic Al Funghi ($10)

This pasta is another steal given how value for money it is. Unlike some of the plain pastas where you need to top up cash to add ingredients, this one packs a lot of mushroom and the mushroom creaminess is well infused into the pasta. I predict this dish will be a hit among mushroom lovers.

Mummy's Assam ($15)

The first thing I noticed about the Mummy's Assam is the gigantic slab of fish that comes with the dish. There's no mention of it in the copywriting of the menu and the only indication of it was the small fish graphic on the side. I felt this is selling the dish short. The Mummy's Assam will be another hit among spicy lovers when it's adequately tossed before dining. The flavour packed sauce usually sinks to the bottom. I rarely see assam pastas in Singapore, so this will be one of the dishes I'll order if I want to try something new.

Pasta El Pesto ($10)

I was just mentioning about dishes you only get it plain unless you pay more. This is one of them. The flavouring of good pesto is difficult to achieve but I'm impressed they got the flavours pretty on point. Again, I stress to toss well if not you'll be left feeling unimpressed with the initial bites and craving for more towards the end. This is the kind of awesome meals someone on budget working in CBD would like when they join their friends at cafes. Unless.. your friends are the kind that split the bill equally regardless of what you eat!

The Golden Egg ($12)

My personal favourite for the day is the salted egg pasta with lots of chunky chicken and a fried chicken skin. To begin with, salted egg pastas are difficult to find. To find one where the flavours are so robust is even harder. Yes, the salted egg sauce is so generous every bite sends alarm bells to my cholesterol levels. Food indulgence wise, this is heaven for salted egg lovers. The ingredients are very generous and for $12 in Clark Quay, it makes you wonder how much other cafes are marking up.

As a whole, my second visit to Spagtacular has left me very excited about their full launch. This according to the co-founder is happening next month. I'm so looking forward to their full spectrum of menu given the promising pastas I've tried. Oh visitors can also take group, individual, instagram worthy display pic with their artistic photo wall display. It's designed by art students and even the unpainted corners at the side of some walls are apparently art.

54 South Bridge Road, 058685

(This is not a sponsored article, I paid for my food!)