Sunday, 12 August 2018

10 Most Instagrammable Shots To Take In London

Every trip I make to London, I get questioned why do you like London so much? Essentially, after being like a tourist for the first trip, London resembles Singapore a lot apart from the weather. I compiled 10 instagrammable places you can actually visit to make your holiday less touristy, more differentiated and definitely memorable.

1. Brown Hart Gardens

Brown Hart Gardens is actually a residential estate and there's nothing much you can do there except take this photo. It's one of my favourite photos in my collection because of its picturesque appearance. You know for sure you are in Europe with this postcard-like image. If you are sporting enough, you can convert your photos into post cards and write cute letters to your friends as a souvenir when you return from holiday.

2. Cereal Killer Cafe

This photo was taken before I bought my Olympus PEN 8 that's why the photo quality will look inferior to the rest of the images. Cereal Killer Cafe has beds in their cafe. How often do you find beds in cafes? The cereals at the cafe are worth trying out too. The article on the food is here.

3. Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe has more than one flower wall which you can take cool photos with. This heart shape wall is just one of them. They have one more flower wall inside with 2 seats available with the words "Coffee is the new black" but there'll be a long line to dine at that table. One more thing to note, the food is awesome but the service will make you feel like they want you gone in a hurry. You have been warned! *For a higher chance to dine in peace, go on weekdays especially if you are on holiday.

4. Leake Street Tunnel 

Not sure if you would consider Leake Street Tunnel to be a tourist attraction. As of now, it's still largely under discovered. Leake Street Tunnel is basically an enclosed tunnel with lots of graffiti art on their walls. The artwork is really impressive and nice. You can take poser shots, jump shots or simply admire the extensive artwork that covers the entire tunnel.

5. Little Venice

Walking along little Venice of London (Maida Vale) is truly enjoyable. The view by the riverside with beautiful boats is somewhat therapeutic. Ever since I started to take more interest in photography, the number of nice photos I can take from this little place can be really extensive too. One thing to note, the sun can be rather annoying in the summer especially when you wish to take evening shots and the sun refuse to set.

6. National History Museum 

This is a tourist attraction. I included it in because of the amazing architecture the National History Museum has. The whale fossil hanging from the ceiling has been a talking point between people who have visited this place. It's a classic. I'm not an arts person and I feel this photo can tempt me to come here simply because of its majestic appearance. 

7. Neal's Yard

There's really little you can do at Neal's Yard unless you work at Covent Garden and want to run some errands or grab a quick bite. It's a hidden street amidst the bustling offices in London's working district. Neal's Yard is extremely colourful, hipster and it breathes life into the boring solemn Covent Garden streets. I've got to say though, only make the trip down if you love taking photos.

8. Regent Street

Regent Street is also considered a tourist attraction because it's the Orchard Road of London. It's nevertheless worthy to join my photo collection because the street decoration always changes. I like this particular photo a lot with all the British flags laid out to commemorate events like their National Day, the Queen's Birthday, Prince Harry's Wedding, etc. It wasn't like that when I was here in December where the streets were alight with wonderful Christmas Decorations. 

9. Saint Aymes

The picture says it all. People come here to take beautiful photos for their grams. The purple wisteria decorated at the shop front is a clear winner among cafe-goers. People queue to sit at the front 3 tables outside the cafe and take display photos. The cafe even has to put a time limit for those sitting on these tables. I wrote an article of the food here. *It's best to visit on a weekday afternoon, I managed to grab a table outside without waiting even though I only had an hour to sit. 

10. Sketch

You are staring at probably the most aesthetically pleasing toilet ever. Stepping into the washroom of Sketch, I got somewhat disoriented. It felt like you got transported to some fantasy world dazzled with egg-shaped cubicles and luminated lights. It's really weird to be in a toilet where you can't find the sink but you see chambermaids (with full attire) walking around and lots of people holding up cameras everywhere. Sketch serves fantastic afternoon tea so not to worry, the toilet is really the icing on the cake.  

*I'm still more into food than scenery but I feel it's important to share awesome holiday venues and enjoyable experiences. For a more regular update of my experiences, visit my Instagram.