Sunday, 14 May 2017

Non Entree Desserts

These couple of weeks post Rome, I had the luxury to 'jiak ho liao' more often than usual. Been eating at a number of interesting places that I haven't had the opportunity to share them all. To avoid missing out on the food I eat, you might follow me on instagram @bluntandfussyeater. For this week itself, I feel a lot less guilty thanks to my 2 hour badminton session. Felt like I burnt all my calories away!

Vain Pot commented that I hardly feature desserts so this week, I picked Non Entree Desserts from my selection of bloggable food. The unique thing about this place is their instagrammable food which are all very artistic and taste remarkable as well. This entry is made up of 2 visits, one was last year and the other was yesterday. The food featured though are all part of their present menu.


This Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90) created quite a hype along with the Matcha Avalanche last year because of its popular videos on instagram showing the lava spilling into the bottom half of the dessert. The top is a valrhona chocolate lava cake and the bottom is a chocolate soil decorated with crunchy almond nougatine with orange infused vanilla ice cream. Not only is it aesthetically awesome, the taste was fantastic as well. For a chocolate lover like me, I found the chocolate rich and bitter enough with the fluffy cake providing a good balance. I also enjoyed how the biscuit went well with the chocolate cake and ice cream. Smashing indulgence for both our taste buds and camera.

Another dessert we tried last year was the Rubber Ducky ($12.90) which was surprisingly good. The ingredients are creme fraiche pudding, fresh mango puree, sago pearls, exotic ducky sorbet set atop a lemongrass cloud. Trust me, even if the ingredients sound weird enough, I enjoyed the exotic dance between the flavours of sour sorbet and sweetness of the mango puree eaten together with a very light lemongrass interlude. I'm also impressed with the dessert master for getting the flavours so right without compromising on the outlook.

And to prove that they aren't a one hit wonder, we went back yesterday and tried their seasonal menu. We picked the Ike ($17.90) from their theme menu. The theme right now is Urban Garden. Ike means pond in Japanese. It's another amazing winner for Non Entree Desserts because the art piece is definitely pleasing to the eyes and fascinating to watch (I uploaded a video of me pouring the hand roasted sencha with age sake into the bowl on instagram). It taste really good too! The Goma gelato coated in soya flour went extremely well with the sesame brittle and matcha mochi pebble. I liked it so much I wanted to order another mochi, sesame, gelato combo (they don't sell it separate)! It'll be nice if the leaves in the bowl are made of chocolate but nevertheless, it's worth the priciness and the calories.

Will I come back again? It's a resounding yes! I'll always think of Non Entree Desserts when I wish to impress a friend with sweet tooth. I don't recall ever praising a food establishment with such zest for eye-catching food that is also good to eat!

Non Entree Desserts
204 Rangoon Road, Hong Building, S218451