Sunday, 21 May 2017


I spent my weekend taking fun shots at the Alive Museum! It's closing end of May and prices are going at 50% discount now, so if you are looking for something different to do over weekends, this might be the thing for you.

Prior to our 1 hour of vanity, we spent 1 hour queuing for this Tendon Bowl at Kohaku. I quite like the occasional impromptu dinners because I try places I otherwise might not have tried. Tendon bowls in Singapore has been quite a rising hype with people willing to spend over an hour waiting for food. Even at 5plus on a Saturday evening, the waiting time was close to 60mins. According to Fat Fat, 6 plus on a weekday only requires 15mins queue time. So please go on a weekday...

We tried the Kohaku Tendon Non Spicy and Spicy versions ($15 each). I give it to them that the servings were more generous than the other Tendon bowl I tried at Tanjong Pagar called Tendon. The spicy version carries with it more oomph that makes the whole meal more enjoyable. I felt that the level of crispiness in the Tempura was decent but not fantastic. Tendon at Tanjong Pagar felt more authentic.

Will I come back again? Well, there's hits and misses. For a start, after queuing an hour to go in, we had to wait another 45mins for our food because apparently they missed our order. I felt that the waitress taking our orders didn't have any passion in her work because she was near our table twice over the course of our waiting and didn't find it odd that we weren't served our food despite acknowledging our presence. On the other hand, the waitress who served us after we feedback that our orders were forgotten was polite, made an effort to check and follow through, ensuring we got our food. Says a lot about some people's working attitude and lack of initiative.

Kohaku is located at Suntec City mall has the advantage of convenience in terms of transportation and activities. At $15, it's pretty inexpensive. Even though I wasn't wowed by the food, its accessbility more than makes up for it. I wouldn't mind dining here again after the queue dies down.

3 Temasek Boulevard #03-310/311 Suntec City, 038983