Saturday, 17 December 2016


This week has been food filled and busy. I feel like a bee buzzing around catching up on work after disappearing for 10 days. Christmas is round the corner and all the festive gatherings are here knocking. I'm prepared to gain weight.

Tendon is a place which has gone un-noticed by greedy me. Interestingly, I noticed the streaky queue when I was in the area the last time I came to check out Kajiken Ramen but didn't bother to find out what the queue was about. It was only after my friend brought me to the place because she wanted to try that I finally found out what everyone was queuing for. Tendon is a very authentic Japanese dining joint. They only have 2 options on the menu making it easy to choose. You either pick the Special Tendon ($13.90) which consist of meats and vegetables or Vegetable Tendon ($12.90) which is pure vegetables.

We picked the Special Tendon which has a mix of vegetables, chicken and prawns tempura on rice. The portions are very generous. We sat at the bar tables which meant we could see the chef prepare our food in front of us. The tempura were lightly battered and tasty. I like it that there wasn't any hint of oil when I bite into the food. I also enjoyed the sauce that goes with the tempura and the variety in the special menu was just right. In fact, after the meal I felt very full.

The meal also consisted of chawanmushi and miso soup and a tea. The chawanmushi was especially good and I finished mine in double quick time.

In short, Tendon allows you to experience authentic Japanese tendons without the cost of the aeroplane. It's really a perfect place for Jap food lovers but please do this when you have time to queue. Lunch break is probably a bad idea to brave the long queues. Oh one more important note, we didn't have enough cash and had to to the nearest ATM in order to settle the bill. They only accept cash.

101 Tanjong Pagar Road