Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Ninja Cut

I'm late on my post because of the Christmas break and some screw ups on the food feature because of some irresponsible behavior from some inconsiderate guy that got Vain Pot very sick. Seriously, if you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat period. Due to the illness, we couldn't explore an Italian Weekend Brunch which I wanted to try. Oh well...

In any case, we went to Ninja Cut the week before to enjoy some healthy food. Ninja Cut is the sister outlet of the other healthy bowl Ninja Bowl. Both concepts are largely similar except that Ninja Cut provides a brunch menu along with a greater focus on proteins.

Vain Pot selected Oh My Cod! ($18) which contains baked miso cod, pickled beets, honey-glazed carrots, asparagus & endamame and onsen egg. It presents itself as a pretty hearty meal. Customers can choose to add a carbo of choice at an extra cost too with Quinoa being the most expensive carb. I like it that the cod was soft and decently tasty. The side vegetables were also well seasoned and not difficult to finish.

My food of choice was Squid Fix ($18). It contains grilled surume ika, sauteed mushrooms, miso cucumbers, onsen egg and honey-glazed carrots, furikake. I enjoyed my bowl too and especially enjoyed eating the large chunks of squid meat which were all very tender. I do think the cafe owners should remove the tentacles from the Squid Fix bowl because they are really tough and difficult to bite. I particularly enjoyed my bowl because I ate all the other ingredients given and they tasted healthy! I also thought that for a squid bowl $18 is quite a steal.

Drinks wise, Vain Pot chose Hot Mocha ($6.50) while I settled for Earl Grey Imperial ($7). Honestly, I think these healthy bowls are wasted with coffee. Tea is the right pairing for such bowls and I enjoyed the tea so much better than the mocha.

As a whole, just like my experience with Ninja Bowl, I'd be back again for another healthy bowl fix. I do like their location at Seah Street better than Ninja Bowl at Duxton. I would recommend this place if you are into clean food.

Ninja Cut
32 Seah Street