Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dim Sum Haus - Affordable Dim Sum with aircon along Jalan Besar

When you think about affordable dim sum, Swee Choon, Wen Dao Shi, Victor's Kitchen comes to mind. Dim Sum Haus is one of the latest additions to this list and their dining environment is a notch better. This dim sum establishment caught my eye on instagram after a wave of bloggers started featuring various food from their menu with raving praise. Got to try it out myself!

I like to gauge my dim sum through the siew mai ($4.30) and har gau ($4.60). While I found both to be pretty competently prepared, it's at best ordinary and passable. 

I pretty enjoyed the Steamed Crispy Rice Roll with Shrimp ($4.70). Ever since my first cheong fun with youtiao experience at London Fat Duck, I developed a soft spot for this dish. The one at Dim Sum Haus had good flavour thanks to adequate sauce and the fried fritter was sufficiently crispy, not soggy. The prawns inside the roll gave the cheong fun robust flavour with every bite. Thumbs up!

Some of the other dishes we tried includes Baked BBQ Porked Pastry ($4.80), Egg Tarts ($3.60) and Pan Fried Mushroom Bun ($5). The dishes were decent, competent but no wow factor. The Pan Fried Mushroom Bun which was one of their chef's recommendations felt a tad too ordinary. 

The Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun ($5) was one of the reasons I made the visit in the first place. Everyone was raving about how awesome it is online. The bun follows the concept of Tim Ho Wan's famous Baked BBQ Pork Bun except they put custard inside. 

Granted that the salted egg custard was flowy and flavour was on point, the bun was limp. Very nice meh? I like the word competent. It definitely isn't good enough for me to specially make the trip back here to eat it again. 

As a whole, Dim Sum Haus serves decent, affordable dim sum in a clean air-conditioned environment. They are popular enough to have a small queue outside so be prepared to wait. I'd be willing to come back if I wish to satisfy any sudden dim sum cravings without burning a hole in my wallet on random days. 

Dim Sum Haus
57 Jalan Besar, S208809