Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mr Fish - Traditional Cantonese Fish Dishes

Mr Fish is a family business that serves up traditional Cantonese fish soup. They are located at the bustling Chinatown Complex where loads of popular hawker stalls are found. One of the key highlights of this particular fish stall is that they do not use milk. Another trait synonymous with Cantonese businesses is the grumpy unfriendly stall owners whose attitude you suck it up because of their food.

I specially brought my mom down to try out their food because she loves simple hawker fare. The sliced fish beehoon I ordered came with really creamy broth. This is a standout point because they don't use milk. The soup is boiled for hours with fish bones to create this creamy texture that is rich in flavour. In fact, it beats many other fish soups with milk hands down.

Another point given to Mr Fish is their generosity in their fish slices. As I ordered this bowl to share, I'm impressed there was so many fish slices that my mom and I had to coax each other to take more fish.

Another popular dish of theirs is their black bean sliced fish horfun. In fact, it is this particular dish that brought my attention to this stall in the first place. Every single time I read online about 'wok hei' flavour in horfun, I never really understood what it meant because I haven't had the opportunity to taste a really good one before. This horfun has a distinct 'wok hei' taste that my mom described as "very long never eat horfun that got the real horfun taste". It's not salty and the balance of the flavours are executed excellently. I kinda regretted sharing this dish with my mom as it was really good and I really want the entire plate to myself. One plate takes an approximate waiting time of 30 mins so be mentally prepared to wait. 

Our total damage for the 2 dishes is $10. Very cheap and good! I'll certainly recommend Mr Fish to all my hawker food aficionados because this is tops among the fish soups I've tried. There's so much other popular food at this Smith Street Food Centre that it's an awesome place for group gatherings where you can order plenty of dishes to share. In fact, I see myself organising a group eat out with my friends pretty soon!

Mr Fish
335 Smith Street, #02-073, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, S050335