Sunday, 5 November 2017

Oh My Cafe

This week has been largely committed to work and researching for my London trip. Thankfully, I still managed to squeeze a day to meet up with a friend. As a whole though, I don't recall doing much for this week besides working...

I've been wanting to try Oh My Cafe since it surfaced on the blogosphere a couple of months ago. Being an avid fan of Korean Ramen, I simply got to try! Oh My Cafe is located in Westgate which is really far from where I live, thus even with my own transport, it takes quite a bit of effort to get me travelling there. It's a good thing that the day I was supposed to meet Supercai and she had to suddenly travel to Jurong to meet a client. So in a moment of spontaneity, I suggested eating at Oh My Cafe.

Besides the Korean Ramen which is a rather recent addition to their menu, Oh My Cafe is known for their cool drinks and instagramable desserts. Supercai and I ordered a light bulb beverage each, mine is the Blue Lemonade while hers is the White Grape ($5.40 each). I found my drink to be really refreshing and Supercai was raving about her White Grape too!

Both of us eyed the same mains. In the end, Supercai settled for the Spicy Dry Chicken Galbi Noodles ($12) and I ordered the standard Army Stew ($13). The Chicken Galbi Noodles was fairly delicious and the chunks of chicken meat given was really generous. Supercai was so full after the meal, there's no room for dessert. One gripe she had was the staff doesn't have a good command of English or Chinese because she was from Korea. So she didn't understand what is no green onions. Which means be prepared not to be able to customize your meals. The Spicy Chicken Galbi also couldn't meet Supercai's expectation on the level of spiciness. Other than that, she felt the noodles was tasty and definitely a joy to eat.

My Army Stew doesn't look like the photo on the menu at all. That's my primary reaction when my food was served to me. Aside from that tiny little nit-picking, the ingredients met every bit of expectation. The noodles were well cooked and the flavour was spot on. To me, I satisfied my craving with comfort food. I am a satisfied customer, money well spent!

All in all, Oh My Cafe serves my favourite food. How I wish they are located somewhere more central. I guess if you love instant noodles like me and live in the west, then you are in for a treat! The next time I'm in the west, you can be sure I'm eating here again!

Oh My Cafe
3 Gateway Drive #B1-01, Westgate Mall, S608532