Saturday, 2 September 2017

Yong He Eating House

It's weekends and the welcoming of hopefully a much better month. I didn't really enjoy my August :( In any case, today is Saturyay! My favourite day of the week. This month is probably going to be my busiest month this year and it's going to be a fun ride. Largely due to the stress, I'm paying no heed to the budget and eating whatever makes me happy. So... I ate pasta from Once Upon a Thyme, feasted on a treat by my boss at Orchid Live Seafood, ate lots of Taiwan Railway Bento at Woo Ricebox. To see photos of those visit my instagram @bluntandfussyeater.

This week, again due to our crazy week, Vain Pot and I only managed to squeeze time to eat at one of our favourite comfort food stops - Yong He Eating House. Yong He Eating House is a 24 Hours taiwanese cuisine eatery that is based at Geylang. Geylang which is more famous for its redlight district also has a strong reputation for street food particularly suppers! In total, we have frequented Yong He Eating House probably 4-5 times over the past 2-3 years. The menu at Yong He Eating House has some semblance to the Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang conceptually. Having tried both, the one at Taiwan is still many times better but this is the closest you can get for Shao Bing, Dou Jiang Youtiao in Singapore.

For this visit, we ordered the Taiwanese Mee Sua ($4), Fried Spring Onion Cake with Egg ($2.30) and Steamed Dumplings ($5.80) to share. Of course soya bean drink ($1.50) is a must! I found the Taiwanese Mee Sua to be edible, average if you aren't picky but a far cry from the famous Ah Zong Mian Xian if you ever tried it in Taiwan. It's nevertheless comfort food when you just want something simple.

The Fried Spring Onion Cake with Egg was enjoyable to eat. It's very flavourful and adding the egg made the entire pancake dish perfect. Be warned that it's more on the oily side. It's street food so it shouldn't be surprising. I liked it!

Finally, my must have. The Xiao Long Bao at Yong He Eating House is surprisingly good. If you envisage those hot broth meat filled Xiao Long Bao at Ding Tai Fung, then you would be disappointed. The broth in this Xiao Long Bao is close to non-existent. However, I felt that the meat really soaked up the flavour and the meat portion is very generous. It's very good for street food and may even put some restaurants to shame.

Yong He Eating House remains my comfort food Asian brunch food stop whenever I got a Chinese food craving in the early morning. Its drawback is its location where I always get annoyed with the Geylang parking. Other than that, I really enjoy eating there and I'll recommend anyone who would like a simple inexpensive brunch or breakfast even supper to head there.

Yong He Eating House
458 Geylang Road, S389417