Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kiss the Tiramisu

This week I'm honestly flooded with stuff to do! Car inspection, renew road tax, work as much as possible, spend time with my other hobby investment plus put it into practice, and I discovered some new stuff I want to try to increase my knowledge on topics of my interest... so you get the picture. There's still the cruise and Bangkok trip the following week which I'll be taking a break from showcasing food. Oh, I would like to add that my original choice of feature was Hai Di Lao which I've never eaten before (despite my love for good food) but the queue is insane! 4 HOURS! I'm amazed. I'll go the next time after I make reservations...

This entry is kept deliberately short. Kiss the Tiramisu originates from Korea. It's a combination of tiramisu and soft serve making it awesome tiramisu ice cream. At least that is the idea. It's pretty popular here too but thankfully no queue. The crowd is just enough to keep the servers busy but not enough to form a line.

We picked the original flavour ($6.90) and it earned my stamp of approval because I'm one of the typical instagram junkie who must take picture of every food I eat. I love it that it's served in this golden flute plastic cup. I didn't take pictures of the preparation process but I felt it's worth watching if you are the curious sort like me. The taste on the other hand doesn't really live up to its hype. I mean it doesn't taste bad. It's just not special. Vain Pot and I kept digging through the cup trying to taste the distinctive tiramisu flavour but all we got was vanilla soft serve and cocoa powder. Essentially I paid $6.90 for a well decorated vanilla ice cream.

Will I eat it again? No. However I didn't regret trying it. While I've been hunting for food every week, I hardly hunt for snacks or desserts to eat on the go. I found this to be a rather novel experience for both Vain Pot and myself. Unless you fly to Korea very often, I recommend going through the process of trying it once. At least you won't be sua ku. I enjoyed the entire experience even though I won't buy it again.

Kiss The Tiramisu
277 Orchard Road #01-15 Orchard Gateway