Sunday, 30 October 2016

Paddy Hills

It's eat and eat week! No kidding. Went back to I want my noodles with a friend mid week when I was in town to change my iPhone and the noodles are still mediocre. I also went on a crazy Long John's Silver craze this week and its now my new favourite fast-food, Also had to endure some really horrible RWS 8 course dinner at my company's DnD. Seriously don't ever throw your wedding at RWS, the food is a massive fail! Spent my weekend celebrating my dowager Aunt's 82nd birthday at Regent Hotel's Summer Palace with awesome food and of course had a wonderful Deepavali feasting on a delicious brunch.

This visit to Paddy Hills is a little overdue. I had a craving for Ricotta Hotcakes since the start of the month. Unfortunately, Vain Pot is really overwhelmed with work and we kept putting off the visit. Even this visit was almost scrapped due to our busy schedules. Paddy Hills is part of the growing brunch cafes in the West of Singapore. They are known for their fusion menus and quirky beverages.

As I mentioned, I had a prolonged craving for Ricotta Hotcakes and during my research, I narrowed down to two places which could satisfy my cravings, Atlas Coffeehouse and Paddy Hills. Before the change in menu early this year, one of the famed dishes at Paddy Hills was their Ricotta Hotcakes. After the change, they switched the hotcakes to Blueberry Muffcakes which reviews seem to say that it tastes even better! So Blueberry Muffcakes ($20) it is! The muffcakes taste awesome! I like it that it is aesthetically pleasant and that it is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. You can taste the buttery pancake batter and one of the favourite of Vain Pot was the magic pearls that came with it. She ate them all, I only managed  to eat one! I need to add that the muffcakes are ideally shared because it got a little 'jelat' after finishing one muffcake.

Prior to the muffcakes, I shared a main with Vain Pot. It was a smart decision because their portions are very generous. We picked the 黑 Rice ($22). It is made up of chicken cutlet and fried squid ink rice with mentaiko sauce and sous vide egg. The entire dish was executed perfectly. The chicken cutlet was fried till crispy and the meat was tender inside the crispy exterior. The squid ink fried rice had a rich 'wok hei' taste making it addictive to eat. Vain Pot has soft spot for Sous vide egg and feed her anything with that and she'll finish her food.

While Paddy Hills are more known for their unique beverages like Beer Slushie, we both settled for the more ordinary Iced Mocha ($7.50) and Latte ($5.50). Both tasted like how a typical mocha and latte should taste. Nothing to shout about. See that greedy pig trying to steal my coffee? Caught red handed!

On the whole, we left the place with two happy tummies. My initial apprehension over the fusion menu was unfounded. In fact, we were sufficiently impressed that I can confidently say we will recommend friends or come back to try more of their interesting menu. I'm also very pleased that there's an open air carpark that had very little cars in it.

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road