Sunday, 6 March 2016

Epicurious Cafe

While I'll be flying out in two weeks time to Taiwan, I'm always kinda adamant to my friends that there's stuff to do on this tiny little red dot. This week is dumpling week! The main event is dumpling making but prior to that I wanted to pamper my tummy with something nice. I have this secret little plan at the end of this year that I kinda dragged fussy pot to Epicurious Cafe despite her lukewarm enthusiasium. Oh yes, I have a special request from Fussy Pot to change her name to Vain Pot. Apparently she thinks it's a more appropriate name for her. One food related reason for this visit is because I've been reading not too good reviews about this place two years after my last visit and I wanted to verify if it's true. 

Epicurious Cafe was first introduced to me two years ago by Bak Bak. Back then, I kinda fell in love with the food there and went back another two times with Vain Pot to explore their brunch menu. Most of the photos you see there is a collection from my multiple visits. Epicurious is located at the Quayside which is along the Singapore River. The view along with the alfresco dining area makes it a very relaxing environment for a carefree day of coffee and food. My experience with the brunch menu exceeded expectations and Epicurious Cafe effectively became my favorite brunch place in 2014. Today's visit was to see if they still keep their place among my top 5 brunch favorite. 

We settled for our favorite Eggs Benedict ($15.60) and a Breakfast Burrito ($15.60) which we never tried before. The Eggs Benedict met our expectations with refreshing runny poached eggs which we chose to pair with spinach (we tried smoked salmon previously and it was a clear winner) this time and it comes with English muffins and hollandaise sauce. This version is pretty well executed too. It's filling, value for money and the ingredients compliment each other really well. 

The Breakfast burrito which comes with two scrambled eggs, chorizo (pork), tomato, cheddar cheese and tomato-chilli relish is pretty good too. While it's a bold choice on my part, I'm not a big fan of tomato and failed to appreciate the dish as a result. Taste wise, I can tell that the scramble eggs is well executed and the combination of tomato-chilli with cheddar cheese, eggs and pork really made the burrito tasty despite my personal dislike my tomatoes. One thing I really like about Epicurious Cafe is the sides which are equally tasty. The watermelon has always been sweet and the roasted potatoes are nicely done too!  

Is Epicurious Cafe still my all time favorite brunch place? Well one of... It definitely still makes the top 5 list. My gripe about this place is that it's too out of the way even with a car (lazy me). Service is still as great as before. No ang mohs discrimination unlike what I read online. I think this is the perfect place to take a morning stroll and have top quality breakfast by the river. 

Epicurious Cafe
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay